This year our SHG womens groups have raised more than 30000 seedlings that should be planted now…Financially it is very tight  in pitchandikulam as we have been trying to build up our training facilities both here in our Auroville forest and in Nadukuppam ..We have a bit overstretched ourselves !…  Is there any way that this could go out as an appeal to CERES Global friends…
…love, Joss
Dear Friends,
I have just been in the Himalayas where the mighty glaciers are melting. The colonials started devastating the mountain forests  150 years ago for their ships, railroads and engineering projects. Burgeoning populations have decimated what was left for firewood to keep warm and cook their chapattis. I was in Utrakand where 20000 died in floods a few years ago ..  South India is little better …its our playground/field of dreams …..the place where we have manifested some  practical models of restoration ecology and where we can do more.  I see each year that our small band of Pitchandikulam planters, are increasingly passionate about the possibility of bringing back the garden with its healthy biomes of forest, fields of bio diverse food crops, mangrove estuaries and grasslands……   The rains are here and we have the seedlings … Our womens groups have been trained to grow hundreds of species of indigenous plants ….trees, shrubs and grasses with medicinal and cultural values that are the basis of a healthy and wise Tamil community ..There are 30000 plants ready to go into the ground …the rains are gentle and persistent, often at night ..  We have been planting for weeks but we realize we need more support to get all these seedlings planted before pongal in mid January, our harvest festival…  We are going to do it  somehow but we need to form a bigger team of men and women from the village and kids from the schools to help us ..  We need to buy more good compost from farmers who have extra …we figure it will cost  50 cents to get each plant in the ground, so we are on a quest to raise 15000 A$….   PLANT A TREE IN SOUTH INDIA…!!!!….These trees and shrubs will make a Forest Sanctuary  that will be protected. It will become the home of mongoose and paradise flycatchers ..It will be grateful and that gratitude will be felt and will encourage others to create more sanctuaries for the nature spirits that could  guide us towards survival as a species …………Can you help?……peace and light …..Joss
Joss Brooks
A Steward of Pitchandikulam Forest
Contact CERES Global to find out how you can make a contribution, email: global@ceres.org.au
Pitchandikulam Bio Resource Centre (PBRC)
Pitchandikulam Forest
Auroville 605101
Tamil Nadu

About Ceres Global

CERES Global is a project aiming to engage with the issue of global inequities and the well‐being of all people on the planet and the environments in which they live. It has a special focus on working with remote village communities. CERES Global aims to engage Australian people with the issues of developing countries whilst enjoying the richness of their cultures and the wisdoms they can add to our understanding of sustainable wellbeing. The focus is on establishing ongoing relationships and links between remote communities and our part of the world.
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